Search Engine Top Ranking Service Package

Search Engine Top Ranking Service Package is to make sure that we focus on keywords that receive a top 3 ranking. By making sure we rank your page in the top 3, we can see tons of traffic versus ranking in the top 10 or 20 for keywords that have a lot of searches. We know the long tail value of keywords. Take a look at the graph to see why these types of keywords are more valuable.

SeoulSEO focuses on getting the best results for their clients by making sure they rank in the top 3 on google’s search engine rankings. As most people know, around 60 percent of all clicks coming from google results pages are on the top 3 results on the first page!

Search Engine Top Ranking Service

Search Engine Top Ranking Service & Website Ranking Services

Notice in the graph the keywords that have 2-3 word phrases convert better! This is because when people start their search in google, they are getting more and more specific based on the results they are getting. The more specific the results, the higher probability that the keyword will lead to a sale (a conversion!).

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Here is an example:

I want to buy a new watch but I have no idea what is available so I search the term: “Watch”

Noticing that the type of watch I like the most is Nike, I change my search to: “Nike Watch”

After seeing the Nike watch that I like the most, I search the term: “Nike Plus Watch”

Notice, my willingness to make a purchase is getting greater and greater as the keywords get longer! This is why we take a long tail approach to SEO. We know search engine top ranking service is only possible with these keywords anyway. Please take 3 minutes to receive a Free Website Analysis and start ranking!

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Search Engine Top Ranking Service to Make sure the SEO company you hire is capable of long tail keyword research because those keywords are going to give you the most traffic! Traffic comes from the high click through rates from the top 3 spots in googles search results. The top result always gets the most traffic and the next two results get the rest of the clicks usually. The rest of the top 10 results get sporadic traffic and a good ad copy on those results will yield a higher than average click through rate. Check out, Search Engine Top Ranking Service