A lot of people are looking for answers when it comes to buying a car a Jetta lease. 2014 VW Jetta Lease vs. 2014 Toyota Camry lease or any other options your considering, it is important to look at apples to apples. Leases are a great value for the right customer! Imagine getting a new car every 3 years without having the issues of negative equity also knowns as: OWING MORE THAN ITS WORTH! That is what most car owners do anyway.

jetta lease rates
Jetta leases 2014

Average consumers end up buying a car with a 5 year loan (or longer is some cases, way longer) and in 3 years get tired of their vehicle or have an eye on a newer model. When a car loan requires most of the first couple years of payments going towards interest owed more than lowering the principal of the loan, in the end you still owe quite a bit of money on the car after the first few years. In a lease, your payments are going towards the ownership of the car for a limited time but your getting a full warranty and your car could devalue and you still get to walk away at the end of the Jetta lease!

How does a Jetta Lease work?

Contact your local dealer, like Dick Hannah Volkswagen for a better idea of how a lease works.  They can give you the current sales and specials on Jetta Leases’ that are available. The dealerships will have up to date information on all the latest deals going on from the manufacturer.

Do I Lease with a Jetta Lease?

Hybrids are great vehicles and so are the Turbo Jetta diesels! It is a tough decision and we recommend contacting a dealer for the proper information to help you make the decision. Dick Hannah has a no hassle test drive that is great if you are interested in just getting to drive a Jetta before you lease it. Make sure to check out our VW lease calculator!

2014 Jetta Lease Deals

Check with the dealers to see your local deals and save on whatever deals Volkswagen offers as well.

Jetta Lease 2014

Always keep an eye out in the newspapers for great deals. One thing you can do, is setup a google alert for jetta lease deals, or call a local dealer to get more information or have them add you to a list so you know you will receive a call once a deal becomes available. Call (360) 314-0405 to get your questions answered quickly. Last year, I believe they ran a Jetta Deal for $99 a month but always best to call to see this months deals.